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Spring is finally here, and though it may not feel like it, there are some amazing new products to try! Many of them with beautiful packaging like the fab collection I’m sharing today by Caress at Walgreens. They just came out with an incredible line of body sprays covered in fun florals (hint, hint the pink is my fav hehe). I’ve actually never tried a more affordable fragrance from Walgreens before but I’m loving these so much. I really like the way they designed the bottle and the way the product disperses! PERFECT to keep on hand in your gym bag or car for before and/or after a workout. I went back to barre classes recently and, many times, run errands after and always want to smell fresh – so you better believe Pink Peony is already in my car. 

The three different fragrances shown are Pink Peony, Sweet Violet, and Meditteranean Lotus. In the past, I would usually steer clear of florals, but Pink Peony has a nice sweet, fruity scent of warm vanilla, fresh mandarin, sparkling pineapple, and kumquat (YUM!), while the top note is white orchid and the heart note is pink peony (I love that what I smell most is the fruit!). Sweet Violet is more floral with a blend of violet, tonka bean, and sandalwood. The heart note is sweet violet, while the base is musk. And finally, Meditteranean Lotus is full of sweet pear and crisp bergamot, with a base note of amber. Fun tip: you can mix and match them for a scent all your own! 

I love these beautiful body sprays for before or after barre because they aren’t as strong as a perfume and the mist is nice and fine so it sprays evenly… you don’t have to worry about being too heavy-handed. Obviously, you can also use them right after you get out of the shower (and they have body washes to pair), for a mid-day pick me up, or late on Friday for date night! And you won’t break the bank because you get 3.1 oz of product for a very affordable price. AND finally, they look amazing sitting out on your vanity for a sweet Spring refresh!
Have a fabulous Monday!

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XO Amanda