ten sweaters under $50

HAPPY TUESDAY! My apologies for no posts on Friday and Monday. I always overestimate how much time I will have when traveling. I was planning to create both of my posts on the Amtrak train to DC (I was out of office last week Fri – Sun for a meeting, to see my parents, and a birthday) but the service was so spotty that it just didn’t happen. The Amtrak experience was great otherwise! I couldn’t believe how easy (and affordable!) it was. Less than $80 round trip with insurance, free bags, and even wifi. I’ve never been a big fan of driving long distances, especially by myself, so this was a great option – definitely planning to see my parents and friends way more now!

Recently, I asked what posts you all would like to see for Fall and holiday and one was sweaters under $50. I found some really cute, versatile options above, and tried to only pick ones with lots of sizing choices available. I own several of these and love all the fun, bright colors this season. Each would look cute worn leggings, skinny jeans, flared jeans, bf jeans, an ankle skinny pant for work, a mini skirt, a midi skirt… you get the idea, so many options. Plus, the styles can also be worn for years to come without looking off trend. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday, and stay tuned for more Fall, and soon Holiday (eek!), posts to come!


XO Amanda