the guy gift guide
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Another Monday, another gift guide!

Today’s holiday post is one of the most requested of all time… THE GUY GIFT GUIDE! Before the holiday shopping season started I created a poll on Instagram and asked what kinds of gift guides you all would like to see, and without a doubt, guy gifts for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, fathers-in-law, brothers, and grandfathers was where most people needed ideas. Something different from the usual cologne and Christmas themed tie. So I went on the hunt for unique gifts for your guy and I’m so excited to share them all with you today. 

Keep reading for lots of ideas!

 I also placed a tab in the HOLIDAY SHOP for guy gifts titled Things He’ll Love.

In the guy guide, you’ll find a Pac-man Retro Arcade Game, books on where to find the best pizza and cuisine,  a Bluetooth Turntable, flavored toothpaste, lots of tech, headphones, checkered slippers, and even a Darth Vadar Clock! Justin owns the Bose wireless Headphones above and, although a bit of a splurge, they are AMAZING! J let me use them one day to watch a football game on the iPad that wasn’t on TV and I was in awe of the sound quality. Additionally, they are super comfortable, and they cancel out all of the outside noise making them great for travel. I want a pair for myself now!

If you’re significant other is like mine, he will never ask for anything, so I have to get really creative. Gifts that are out of the box are always fun and unexpected! Plus, a lot of them make great stocking stuffers too. Much like The Girlfriend Gift Guide, you can create some very thoughtful presents if you pair some of these items together. For example, if you buy the book Hacking Whiskey, you could also include whiskey, a decanter, some glasses, and drink rocks (all included below). 

If you buy him a suitcase for travel, you could put a doppler kit inside with the Kiehls Nourishing Dream Team, the Marvis 7 Days of Flavor Gift Set, and comb. You could also do this with the camo backpack since most guys, like J, take as little as possible when away from home. It amazes me how little Justin can take on a trip for several days… granted he doesn’t have the hair, skincare, and beauty regimen us gals have. Not to mention he only takes one or two pairs of shoes haha! 

I really hope you all enjoy today’s gift guide and put it to good use. Don’t forget to check out The Pajama Gift Guide that went up last Wednesday for some cozy clothes, and stay tuned for another gift guide tomorrow, and the final two next week!


XO Amanda