ulta store holding nexxus keraphix system
clean hair with nexxus keraphix system
Happy Monday! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!
If you’ve been following me for long, you know I love to share new hair & beauty products! This year my goal has been to try new things at different price points and from different brands to give all of you a variety of choices. Obviously, I never share products I don’t like or don’t use, but today I’m extra excited about this 3-step system! Like, really, really excited lol.

If you follow me on Instagram (@pardonmuahinsta), you know that I live streamed a fun Nexxus demo from my local Ulta store this past Saturday. An expert was there to talk more about their new Nexxus Keraphix line and was also giving out samples (I happily took several haha!). She explained to me the products are designed for severely damaged hair (due to color, hot tools, etc.) and that they are scientifically proven to repair internal damage. To which I said, “I need all of this in my life!”

nexxus keraphix system samples

nexxus keraphix system demo table
nexxus keraphix 3-step system demo table

standing next to nexxus keraphix system demo table at ulta
nexxus keraphix 3-step system
nexxus keraphix 3-step system in shower

nexxus keraphix system gel treatment

holding nexxus keraphix samples and puppy
Hair after using Nexxus Keraphix 3-Step System, blow drying with a hairbrush, applying some light oil, and using hot rollers.

The Nexxus Keraphix line is made up of three products – a shampoo, a conditioner, and a gel treatment (all designed to use together while in the shower). First of all, they smell AMAZING! I don’t know about everyone else, but I always smell shampoos and conditioners before purchasing because, well… who wants funky smelling hair?! I washed my hair using the 3-step system yesterday afternoon and am literally amazed at how good my hair smells (seriously, I even made Justin smell my hair haha)!

As you all probably know, I use hot tools on my hair every day. Straighteners, curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers, etc. Partially because, as a blogger, I need to do my hair for pictures and photoshoots, and also, because I don’t have a wash and wear type of hair (unless I want to wear it wavy). Normally, after I blow dry, my hair is pretty big and relatively frizzy so I had my fingers crossed using the Nexxus Keraphix system. To my surprise, my hair, after blow drying with a regular brush (no extra product added), was SO soft! It smelled ridiculously good (as I already stated), was shinier than usual, and felt silky soft to the touch – and instant difference. 

The system is made of an exclusive PROTEINFUSION blend and is a system you want to do once a week, not every day. And for people like me who wash on average once a week, I plan to use these products once every two or three weeks (but that’s just me). The blend includes a keratin protein and black rice that contain restorative agents proven to repair internal hair damage. I love that the system is safe for color and chemically treated hair since those are the people that will benefit most. 

The Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo gently cleanses and penetrates the hair fibers preparing it for deep conditioning (also it’s free of silicone). Used with the other products it increases the resilience of the hair’s cortex (so fancy sounding right?!). Obviously, the shampoo is Step 1. Step 2 is the Nexxus Keraphix Gel Treatment. After rinsing out the shampoo, I rung my hair as dry as I could before covering my hair in a decent size dose of the gel. This salon quality product is designed to revive severely damaged hair with the exclusive PROTEINFUSION blend. You leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash out. Followed by a second use of the shampoo, removing all of the extra protein so your hair isn’t weighed down with any residue. And lastly, I applied Step 3 which is the Nexxus Kerephix Conditioner, meant to be left on for 3 minutes to nourish hair for a smooth, detangled feel. What I really like about it is that it leaves hair stronger but with a weightless feel.

After my first use, I would highly recommend this 3-step system to anyone with severely damaged hair who is looking for stronger, softer, repaired locks at home without the high salon price tag. I was super happy to find out at the register that participating NEXXUS products are buy one get one 50% off until April 7th, and the Keraphix system is included.  

If you give it a try I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have an incredible Monday, Friends!

XO Amanda