travel outfit favorites
I’m really excited to finally share a travel outfit post today. I’ve had lots of questions about what I wear when I’m on the go and how I stay cute AND comfy. Above you’ll find my usual getup for a car trip or a flight – chic & casual! Keep reading for some of my tips of outfit planning & packing.

Think basics. It’s always nice to have versatile basics when traveling. They pair well together and can be worn on multiple days. 99% of the time I travel in black leggings, a white tee, a sweatshirt, and sneakers. And as long as I don’t make a total mess of myself lol, I can wear it on the way home too. I prefer not to travel in denim because it’s more restricting, but I always pack one or two pairs of classic skinny or boyfriend jeans. 

Keep it comfy. Comfort is key when traveling! Now, comfortable doesn’t mean rolling out of your bed in your pajamas and heading to the airport… you can still look cute and presentable. The sweatshirt I’ve included above is from a brand that makes AH-mazing loungewear. I own three of their sweatshirts and wear them all of the time. They wash well and are incredibly comfortable for travel. I also wear sneakers because you never know when you’ll have to run through the airport. I’ve run from one end of Charlotte airport to the other… twice. 

Wear layers. Layers are crucial when flying or traveling from one part of the country to the other because you never know if you’ll be hot or cold. I like to pair a sweatshirt with a white tee so that if I need to peel off a layer, I have a cute tee underneath. I’ve also been obsessed with my new plane wrap it’s a blanket material and even folds into a pillow! 

Color coordinate. When packing and creating your travel outfit, think about color coordinating. If you take pieces in colors that can be mixed and matched together, making outfits will be so much easier! For example, my Spring color palette is white, black, grey, and pink. Something to think about if you don’t normally! Obviously, taking all neutrals and one pop of color makes things even easier. I normally travel in white, and black. Black pants and tops show less dirt and are always slimming!

Pack smart. I’ve always struggled to pack light. I will pack three or four times just to get my suitcase under the weight limit and then will only wear half of what I take, time and time again. You’d think at 29 years old I would have it figured out by now. BUT, even though I haven’t mastered less is more completely, I do recommend packing ahead of time, then taking a second look to pull out any excess. I also love packing cubes, toiletry bags, and makeup bags to keep everything in its place. 

I hope this was helpful for any of you traveling soon. Happy Thursday!

XO Amanda