Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my hair products and tools so I thought it was the perfect time for an updated blog post! I would say the most commonly asked are about my shampoo & conditioner, volume spray, and curling iron. I’ve included them all, along with everything else I use consistently. You can also find ALL of my hair favorites under the SHOP tab >> Hair Routine!


HUM HAIR SWEET HAIR GUMMIES I’ve gotten A LOT of questions the last couple weeks about how my hair has grown so fast and what I do to keep it so shiny. I will preface this by saying genetically my hair grows super fast, just like my mommas. BUT I have been taken hair vitamins every day for months now and absolutely think it has contributed to the growth and also to the texture. What I’ve noticed the most is how much nicer in texture my hair has become. I’ve always had very thick hair, but it’s usually quite coarse and frizzy, without the help of products and tools. Usually, when I blow dry my hair it looks CRAZY, but I have to say that’s not the case anymore. It’s much smoother and much much shinier than ever before. SO, it would be fair to say I highly recommend these gummies!

MOROCCANOIL HYDRATING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Lots of questions about my shampoo & conditioner! I am a HUGE fan of Moroccanoil products and have been for as long as I can remember. Since my hair is a thicker consistency I love their hydrating products, especially in the winter when my hair and skin are super dry. I’ve been using this shampoo & conditioner duo for years now and cannot say enough good things – and they smell AMAZING! If you have a finer hair type or don’t feel like you need the “hydrating” component, they offer options without.

KENRA PROFESSIONAL PLATINUM DEEP DETOX SCRUB This product is such a gem! Kenra sent me a new collection of their products last year and this was one of them. Honestly, at first, I was scared to try a scrub on my hair, especially since the product is a blackish dark grey in color. It was sort of ominous looking but I’m so glad I gave it a try! I only wash my hair once a week (usually) and find that I end up with a lot of product buildup from hairspray and dry shampoo. This has been one of the only products I’ve used that actually makes my hair SQUEAKY clean… seriously, it squeaks haha. It leaves my hair feeling super clean and soft. If you wash every day I would only use this once a week and I would avoid using right away after you’ve had color done as it can affect the hue. 

KENRA BRIGHTENING TREATMENT This product is for all my gals with highlights or blonde coloring and balayage. I love my blonde to have a brighter whiter coloring, as opposed to a yellow or bronzy look. And I only color my hair every couple months so in between it’s a priority to keep it looking fresh. This brightening treatment is an intense purple masque designed to help keep your blonde, well… blonde! I use this every couple of washes and only place it into the bottom portion of my hair where my balayage is. I keep on for a couple minutes and wash out!

ALTERNA CAVIAR REPLENISHING MOISTURE CC CREAM This product was sent to me last year and I didn’t really start using it consistently until recently. I’ve been using it in place of my regular repair cream. After I get out of the shower I brush out my hair and apply a very small amount all throughout my hair with my fingers. It’s a thicker, stickier consistency so I just use a little and it helps to keep my hair repaired and smooth!

BUMBLE & BUMBLE THICKENING MOUSSE Of all the thickening mousses I’ve tried this is my favorite. So much so I actually need to pick up another! The consistency isn’t too thick or sticky so I don’t feel like it leaves my hair feeling dirty… which is the last thing you want after washing your hair. I like to put a pump of product into the roots of my hair while it’s wet so that when I blow dry and style the hair is more lifted and also has a better texture to tease.

KENRA DRY VOLUME BURST SPRAY This is one of my favorite hair products of all time! I found this spray last year and OMG is it amazing. I love it so much I even have an IGTV video all about it and how I tease my hair. I like to spray a little onto the root before using a teasing comb to create volume. It is BY FAR the best I have ever found. A little goes a long way and it creates a ton of height!

MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT This is the only hair oil I use. I have yet to find anything of superior quality or consistency. I use this oil every day (granted my hair doesn’t produce much oil) to smooth my ends and to keep a nice shine in my hair. It smells amazing and, even though it’s a bit pricey, a little goes such a long way. My bottles last me for months!

ELNETT HAIRSPRAY UNSCENTED This has been my go-to hairspray for YEARS! I love it because it’s a super fine mist and you can use quite a bit without your hair getting dirty or crunchy. It’s definitely an everyday hairspray (not meant for super hold). I use a fine mist every day after I’m done teasing my hair and I feel like it gives it just enough hold to not fall flat throughout the day.

DRYBAR DETOX DRY SHAMPOO There are very few dry shampoos that I like OR that I find actually make my hair feel a smidge cleaner. And this is one of two or three I’ve ever used I think is worth the money and serves its purpose! I love the smell and like to spray this into my roots on day three or four after washing. Usually I will use this as a replacement for my volume spray as it creates a similar effect!

BIO IONIC BLOW DRYER Justin bought this blow drying for me a couple year’s ago for Christmas and I have to say it is still my favorite. I’ve tried others that I like, but this one definitely dries my hair the fastest (btw I haven’t tried the Dyson so I can’t compare). I also like how lightweight it is, and has a battery life that should last for 10 years! I also find that it doesn’t make my hair frizzy. Definitely worth the splurge! BTW, I prefer a high-quality blow dryer so that it doesn’t fry my hair and so that it will last the test of time.

CONAIR JUMBO HOT ROLLERS Tons of questions about my hot rollers after sharing them again last Friday. These are super affordable and definitely get the job done! It’s funny because I still feel like hot rollers are a thing of the past, but they are just SO GOOD. I like to use mine immediately after blow drying because they give my hair a ton of body and are a great alternative to a straightener as the heat helps to straighten and smooth the hair. I use jumbo rollers because I want body, not a ton of curl.

GHD PLATINUM PROFESSIONAL 1″ STRAIGHTENER I’ve had a GHD straightener for over ten years now. I absolutely love how long they last and the professional styler has beveled edges which allows you to curl your hair, in addition to the prevention of pulling stray hairs out. I find that investing in a straightener is well worth it because it should last you for years and years to come. I own several straighteners but this one is my go-to 98% of the time!

T3 SINGLE PASS 1.25″ CURLING IRON I purchased this curling iron during the holiday season and I am totally obsessed. I will be honest, I was originally drawn to it because it’s pink, and fortunately, it works amazing! I’ve seen lots of other bloggers use this curling iron before and have always loved the way their hair turned out. Now that mine is finally getting longer, I really enjoy curling it more often, and this curling iron is SO EASY TO USE! I swear it takes me a couple minutes and I’m done.

T3 WHIRL TRIO CURLING WAND I purchased this curling wand trio at the same time I bought my curling iron. And I love them both equally. I feel like I reach for the curling iron the most because of the ease of use BUT the curls from the wand are totally different, AND I feel like they stay in longer. The trio gives you three separate wand widths/shapes so that you can achieve big waves, smaller waves, or beachy waves. Love it so much I threw my other curling iron away!

BRUSHES & COMBS No fancy brushes or combs here! I usually buy the Wet brand brushes at TJ Maxx or from the drugstore. And same with my teasing comb… I like to have a normal comb for smoothing or using with my straightener, and then a second for teasing. My preference is a comb with a second set of teeth since it really gives the hair more volume.

If you have any other questions please let me know, and remember you can always find 
my favorite hair products and tools under SHOP >> Hair Routine!


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