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Good morning Friends!

I’ve got a special Friday post for you, and it’s all about my weekend morning routine. I’d love to tell you how exciting my weekends are, filled with trips & travel, outings & parties, but in all actuality…they’re pretty low key. Justin and I loveee our down time! We both commute to work all week long so neither of us really want to spend much time in the car on Saturday and Sunday. SO…instead we relax on the couch flipping back and forth between sports and new show series we find, cuddling with Heidi girl, eating (way too many) Oreo cookies, and pampering ourselves. Okay, okay, that one is just me!

On the weekend I usually wake up around 8:30 am (although I would love it if my body would stay asleep longer) and spend thirty(-ish) minutes laying in bed scrolling through social media, watching videos and checking email. Very cliche for a blogger, I know. Once I finally get the energy to crawl out of the covers I put on my favorite bear slippers and head to the kitchen for some coffee. Coffee is always the first step once out of bed! I’ve become quite the coffee mug addict and Justin keeps asking me where in the world we are going to put them all. I might have started stacking them on top of one another to make room…lol.

Once I have coffee in hand, and before breakfast, it’s the perfect time for me to cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and most importantly, hydrate & moisturize my skin. The past couple weeks of winter have been incredibly rough on my face and body. My skin has been so dry that it feels itchy and irritated on a daily basis. Thank goodness for a great body moisturizer! Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream has been my go-to for immediate, long-lasting hydration. I have super sensitive skin and can’t use a lot of skincare products or moisturizers with fragrances or additives because they break me out or cause irritation. Luckily, no Cetaphil® product ever has but instead soothes and is very gentle. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from dry skin and wants to feel some relief.

How to apply: As you can see in the photos above, I love to slather my legs in moisturizer and usually start with this area first. I suggest showering and shaving prior so you can lock in moisture, but if you shower at night like I do, you can always put more on in the morning. I suggest using a decent amount of product because it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy or sticky. Quick note: If you have longer acrylic nails like I do and you don’t want product up under your nails (I know, it’s a pain), try using a flat makeup brush to scoop out the moisturizer. It works really well!

Once my body is moisturized I start on my weekend makeup routine. It’s become quite simple because some days I wear no makeup at all. Sometimes I like to put on a little, even if we are staying home because it makes me feel more productive and put together. Most Saturdays and Sundays I spend the day working on styling or blogging so feeling pretty helps! Lately, my quick routine is a tinted moisturizer, concealer (always concealer), luminous powder and of course, a healthy serving of mascara. I should probably also mention that I like to prep my skin much like my body and at night, before bed, I have been using the Cetaphil® Rich Hydrating Night Cream.

After all of this is complete I head out into the living room for breakfast! Justin is wonderful and almost always plays chef on Saturday and Sunday morning. Our current favorites are hash browns and turkey bacon. I have to brag on him a second because many times breakfast is actually ready the moment I get out of bed…he’s a winner, I know. In that case, eating comes first!

If you’re interested in trying Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream for yourself, check out your local Target. I treat Target like a close relative that needs you to visit multiple times a week. Really, it’s quite a close bond. So much so Justin has asked if the relationship has taken an unhealthy turn haha! You can find Cetaphil® products in the skincare section and I’ve included a photo of the displays below to help you navigate. As you can see, there are some empty spots because this stuff is so good it doesn’t stay on the shelf for long. BTW…You can also follow Cetaphil® on Instagram!


Thanks for reading and feel free to visit the Social Hub here for more Cetaphil® inspiration!

XO Amanda