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A special Tuesday post coming at you today! If you haven’t heard Sephora is currently having a Beauty Insider Appreciation Event where you can save 10-20%, depending on your member level. I buy A LOT of beauty and hair products every year (but it’s for the job so it’s totally okay haha!) so I was able to shop with my Rouge discount starting this past Friday. I made a couple store purchases and made one online order. BTW you can use your discount as many times as you like in-store but only once online. 

Here’s the date breakdown for member levels:
ROUGE 20% off August 24 – September 3
VIB 15% off August 30 – September 3
Insider 10% off August 30 – September 3

If you’re not Rouge no worries, you can always come back to this post to shop OR you can head over to my Makeup Routine, Haircare Routine, or Skincare Routine where a majority of the items are from Sephora. Today I wanted to share each of the items I picked up with my 20% discount.


PRADA CANDY GLOSS || I ran into my local JCPenney Sephora on Saturday evening with no intention of buying a perfume. I was going in to get a setting powder and eyeliner, and as always, came out with more than I expected and no setting powder lol. I’ve always like Prada’s original candy perfume but this one, to me, is even sweeter – which I love. It has notes of cherry, peach, and musk so you can imagine it has a juicy, sparkling scent… on Sephora’s website it’s described as “sensual sorbet.” Sign me up! In love! Anddd it doesn’t hurt that the bottle is amazing!

BENEFIT HELLO HAPPY || I’ve wanted to try this foundation ever since I saw it was coming to stores. Honestly, the packaging is what sold me 100% and after buying was hoping it would somehow also exceed my expectations. And y’all… it did! I bought mine in number 5 and could not believe how luminous and glowing it made my skin when testing it out for the first time Sunday. It’s described as a soft blur foundation with light to medium coverage and SPF 15. It’s perfect for those no-makeup makeup days.” Definitely worth trying!

BECCA GLOW GLOSS || After discovering I’m allergic to petroleum jelly several weeks ago I threw out all of my lip glosses (sigh, it still hurts). I had been using a petroleum jelly based product on my lips for quite some time for dryness so many times when I would use the applicators they were also exposed to the petroleum jelly – so I didn’t want to take any chances. SO I realized the other day I really don’t own many lip glosses. Lots of lipstick, not a lot of gloss. I ended up picking up Rose Quartz by Becca – it’s a beautiful cool-toned pink with a subtle glitter designed to plump and smooth.

NARS LIP GLOSS || NARS gloss in Turkish Delight has been a long time favorite of mine but somehow I haven’t owned one in a very long time. This color was made popular by Kim K many years ago and is a gorgeous milky baby pink. It looks amazing alone or on top of a lipstick.

KATVOND TATTOO LINER || I can’t imagine ever finding a liquid liner I love more than this one. I buy two or three at a time so if one runs out I always have a backup. They are easy to use and stay matte black all day long. This is the only liner I’ve used for years now – I actually much prefer it over the Stila liner a lot of people love… I think it goes on smoother and stays on longer.

BECCA UNDEREYE BRIGHTENER || This is a product I’d forgotten about until I saw someone talk about it on stories recently. It’s a beautiful peach toned products that help to bring brightness to tired under eyes and helps to cancel out any darkness. It’s great for days you want just a little bit of makeup and no concealer. Just make sure if you’re doing a full face to set it well as it’s a stickier consistency.

GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION || Many of you have probably heard just as much hype as I have about this foundation for years now. It’s a favorite of many bloggers and YouTubers and I don’t know why I’ve never purchased it. I always think about it and then never do… so this time I decided to take the plunge and took a chance on color 5.5 (fingers crossed I guessed correctly). The consistency is supposed to be quite luminous like the name implies while giving really good coverage for an all day look or even makeup for a photo shoot or wedding.

BENEFIT DANDELION TWINKLE || This purchase was completely random. I was perusing through the store when it caught my eye. I’ve seen it many times but never swatched it and OMG it’s super smooth like butter and the highlight is beautiful! It’s not chalky or glittery but a very luminous sheen. I think it will really make the cheeks pop. Super excited for it to arrive in a couple days.

LAURA MERCIER LOOSE SETTING POWDER || This last product is a repurchase. I’ve had my other setting powder for well over a year – this stuff lasts forever! It is hands down the best product to pack powder under the eyes to “bake.” Once you’ve let it set under the eyes and below your cheek contour it leaves a beautiful brightness and clean look to any defined lines. I use mine with a dry Beauty Blender.

I hope all of you have an incredible Tuesday and happy Sephora shopping!


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