Hello, Friends!

Today’s post is coming a little late due to our crazy travel schedule this week. We left Tampa yesterday and spent the morning and afternoon at Universal Studios and Harry Potter World which was so much fun! My favorite, hands down, was HP World and I think Justin would agree. We drank Gilly Water and Butter Beer, ate at Leaky Cauldron, and got chased by a dragon at Gringotts (my favvv ride!). Luckily, we didn’t wear our finest clothes because it poured rain for a good portion of our visit. We decided to opt out of the clear ponchos and fortunately, I brought a hat! After we had had enough and the lines to ride were over an hour, we headed to Orlando to see my best friend Nikki who was so gracious to host us at her apartment for the night. Not only did she take us to the yummiest pizza place with a gluten-free crust and vegan cheese, but she showed us all around UCF where she works and the most incredible area called Winter Park where we got macarons. It was so nice to catch up with her since we haven’t seen much of each other since we both moved away from Roanoke, VA. 

This morning, at 3:30am (so painful), we woke up, quickly repacked for the third time, and headed back to the airport for the last leg of our trip. I’ve had to wake up earlier than ever more times than I can count this past week and I am so ready for a day to sleep in next weekend. I’m writing this from the plane on our way to Orange County, California where we are attending the wedding of one of my best friend’s from college. I’m so excited for all of the festivities and was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid. I already know it’s going to be unforgettable as it’s a three-day affair in Newport Beach where we will eat, drink, dance, and celebrate. I just found out this Wednesday that I have to learn three dances by Saturday night so keep your fingers crossed for me hah! I’m going to do my best to document as much as I can on Instastory so stay tuned.

For today’s post, I’m sharing a little bit of beauty and a lot of fashion. I’ve been dying to share this white tribal shift dress and light wash denim jacket (currently on sale for 40% off) for weeks. Both pieces were sent to me by Kut From The Kloth and I was so pleased with how they wear together. I’ve been in need of a lighter denim jacket for quite some time and this one fits really well. I’m not really into the oversized look so I was happy when this one didn’t swallow me up (it runs true to size). The dress, on me, is a tad oversized, but lately, that seems to be my preference in some dresses and tops. I’m not into sucky tight apparel for the most part. I will say, though, Justin and I had to cover our eyes numerous times at the theme park due to the overwhelming number of wayyy too short shorts and teeny tiny crop tops. I paired my dress and jacket with an amazing pair of nude studded sandals (now on clearance!). I can say with certainty they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own and they are fabulous dupes for Valentinos. 

For makeup, I chose bronzed summer shades and my favorite red-orange lip. For years I’ve been a nude gal, but recently I’ve discovered bright hues translate so much better in pictures. and the more I wear them in pictures, the more comfortable I become wearing them after to run errands around town. I used to feel like everyone was staring at my lips when I’d wear a bright shade, but I realize if you wear it with confidence, lots of compliments come your way. For bronzer, I used my tried and true ambient lighting bronzer. This is an expensive product but it is probably a top ten…or even five…in my cosmetic collection. The color payoff is amazing and it gives your skin such a luminous glow. I topped my cheeks off with a gorgeous peach blush (I’m planning to wear this for the wedding ceremony). It gives just enough color without making paler skin tones look overly flushed. And lastly, I swiped on several coats of my new favorite mascara combo. I’ve been obsessed with Covergirl’s Total Tease Mascara and Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. I use the Total Tease first and the Roller Lash after to really separate my lashes. 

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I hope everyone had a fab Friday! Monday’s post may be off too due to more travel, but luckily that trip will be taking us home. I can’t wait to share lots of fun photos from this coming weekend!

XO Amanda