Okay, gals (& guys), I’ve had so many questions about my skincare routine lately. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about what I use because I went through a period of time where I was really unhappy with the way my skin looked. Lots of redness (I have rosacea) and textural issues. Part of this was keeping an inconsistent routine and part was due to our recent move. For some reason, my skin really dislikes cross-country travel. I remember when I moved to California it freaked out and then panicked again when we moved in October. SO I decided to start an entirely new skincare routine and promised myself I would stick to it every day so I could gauge whether it actually made a difference. 


And luckily it has! For reference: I have very sensitive skin, not very acne prone (except hormonally), that is combination dry/oily but more on the dry side. There are many products I cannot use because they aren’t gentle enough so everything below is good for sensitive skin types. I mentioned I have rosacea and several months ago started using a cream prescribed by my dermatologist day & night that has really made a difference in the redness. 

I believe that one, skincare is so important (and starting young will make a large impact in the future), two, you have to be consistent to see results, and, three, more products isn’t always better.


MAC Cleanse Off Oil // I’ve talked about this product ever since I started blogging. If you’ve never used a cleanse off oil, you’re seriously missing out. I use to have issues getting all of my mascara off and didn’t feel like I was getting all of the makeup off my face at night. Cleanse off oil is designed to use without water, as it emulsifies on the skin, literally making your makeup melt off. Even waterproof mascara comes off! Btw once I rub the product into the skin I’ll use a makeup wipe (these are my favorite) or a washcloth with warm water to take it off. 
TULA Purifying Face Cleanser // Once most of my makeup is off I like to use a cleanser (I even got Justin this one in his stocking because it’s such a crucial step in your routine). I started using TULA products right after Thanksgiving and have officially made them a permanent fixture of my skincare routine. I was looking for something gentle but a step up from what I had previously been using. I saw TONS of other bloggers talking about TULA but was on the fence since most of their stories were sponsored (not a bad thing btw… but with skincare, I wanted to make sure it was as good as the hype). And I’m so happy to report that it is! Their products are pricier than what I was using before but the quality is also much higher and I can tell the difference in the coloring and luminance of my skin. The cleanser is actually quite affordable for the size. You get 6.7 fl oz for $28 which will last you for a very long time. I’ve been using this every night!
TULA Illuminating Face Serum // I loveee this illuminating face serum so much! I’m already halfway through the bottle so I probably need to use smaller portions lol. It’s great for smoothing texture, evening tone, and providing a glowing complexion. I would describe it as a moisturizing serum as it’s not sticky or slimy feeling on the skin. Great for use in the morning too!
TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream // This step is so important in your daily skincare routine, especially during the winter. I’ve been experiencing extremely dry skin this winter (face, body, scalp, and hands… I could literally bathe in moisturizer). I can tell it’s drier than usual because when I wake up my skin is already craving additional moisture. This moisturizer smells lovely, as do all of the TULA products, and goes on nice and smooth without being too thick. Another product I’ll be stocking up on because I’ve been using it so often!
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream // This is another product I’ve heard rave reviews about for years. During every Nsale I would think about picking one up and then wouldn’t. And I didn’t this year either. It wasn’t until after the sale that I finally took the plunge and now it’s one of my most used beauty products. The nice thing is that a little goes a long way (so hopefully it will last you a long time) and it’s great for morning, noon, and night. I like to use it at night because it has a thicker, more moisturizing consistency.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water // You all have heard me talk about this several times before. The funny thing is I’ve talked about it recently in two different sponsored posts HERE & HERE but I wasn’t just asked to use it those two times, I’ve been using it for years! It’s an amazing product that is super gentle on the skin and doesn’t have to be washed off. On light or no makeup days I’ll just swipe it on with a cotton pad until my makeup or the dirt and grime is removed. I highly recommend picking up one for yourself! I also use it on a q-tip to clean up any liquid liner mistakes. 
TULA Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum // Love this! Not only is the product fabulous but the packaging is so cool! It comes with a cool tip applicator that allows you to rub the product under the eyes and on the lid for a cooling/depuffing effect. That’s why I like to use it in the morning – it makes me feel nice and awake!

Dr. Brant No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel // Another blogger recommendation I saw on Instastory that had lived up to the hype. It has an orange tint which helps to disguise darkness under the eyes and it also has an interesting tightening effect that I love. It makes you feel like you’re getting an instant result and also helps the eyes to look more awake in the morning. 
Beautycounter Brightening + Vitamin C Facial Mask // I’m normally not a mask or scrub person due to my sensitive skin but last year I found one I was amazed. I’ve never used a mask and immediately thought after, “Wow!” This brightening mask actually brightens. After I washed it off I noticed my face felt cleaner, tighter, and it looked so luminous! It’s best followed by a hydrating cream or serum for a full brightening effect. 
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion // Everyone needs this in their life. By far one of the best skincare products on the market. I’ve been using this drying lotion for over five years now and it’s close to what I would call a “miracle” lotion… my words, not Mario Badescu lol. It’s designed to dry out blemishes and pimples on troubled skin and works best used with a q-tip and placed on blemishes overnight. And when you wake up they are either less red, smaller, or gone!
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream // Originally, I was using this cream on my face morning and night and it’s a great product – I just wanted something a little “extra”. So now I’m using this cream all over my body, which it’s also designed for – it’s super gentle and free of fragrance. I find that it helps to relieve any itching or patchiness from the dry winter weather. Since I self-tan once a week, I exfoliate and shave a lot which only makes the dryness even worse. 
Vaseline // This last one might seem random but it’s SO good for dry winter lips. I started using vaseline on my lips when I was dealing with a pretty severe lip irritation/infection last year. Everything I used bothered me or made it worse EXCEPT vaseline. I was told to use it by dermatologists, primary care physicians, and a lip specialist – so it’s definitely recommended by medical professionals. I like to use a q-tip to apply the vaseline on my lips so that it keeps the tub sanitary. I layer it on rather thick at night and wake up to smooth, soft lips. I also use it in the morning so that my lipstick will go on without getting stuck in dry patches. 

I really hope you all enjoyed this and that it will be helpful to you in your own skin journeys! I know skincare is a lot of trial and error so you have to find what works well for you and stick to it.

Have a happy weekend!

XO Amanda