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Good Morning and welcome back to Motivation Monday
Today I wanted to share an outfit perfect for fall & winter at the office and thought I’d talk about how to dress appropriately (& cute) at work during the cooler months of the year. I know I’ve struggled in the past to balance dressy and warm, while still trying to feel pretty & feminine. I styled the outfit above as an example of something I feel expresses my fashionable side, while remaining work appropriate and chic. I have on skinny jeans, which I can now wear to work (hallelujah) but you could easily sub in a black skinny pant for a more corporate approach. This gorgeous sweater is from Design History and oh my gosh do they have some fabulous pieces for winter that would work perfectly for the office (whether more casual or more strict). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact jacket any more, but I’ve linked (above and below) three very similar options! You can also check out their entire collection here
Other ways to incorporate winter wear: Detailed sweaters, blanket scarves, booties & knee high boots, an appropriate fall lip, a long vest, a great skinny black pant, a tailored neutral coat, velvet pumps

Below I’ve listed some tips and ways to incorporate winter wear appropriately!
1 // Cleanliness is key. Remember, that you are judged by your appearance, even if at times this seems unfair. At work, you are a walking billboard for a brand called you, so make sure to always look tidy and well kept. I know this seems hard when the wind and snow blow you through the parking lot as you trek into the office, or you have to shovel your car out, leaving you feeling sweaty and gross. So plan ahead! Pack some deodorant, a hair brush, a little powder, and even some lightly scented perfume (see tip #4 below) in your purse so that you can freshen up upon arrival. I used to keep things like this in my desk drawer just in case!

2 // Keep it neutral. A large majority of work environments respect a neutral color palette. That isn’t to say you can’t wear a splash of color or incorporate a plaid blanket scarf (you totally should), as long as you pick appropriate colors (like a fall palette of burgundy, olive, burnt orange, etc.). Here’s why I say this: Back in Virginia I had a very, very bright pink tunic that was work appropriate in shape, but shocking in color. I felt pretty in it and figured it was still an appropriate way to express myself. But it never failed… every time I wore it people would stare and make comments like “wow you’re bright” or “wow I saw you coming from a mile away.” It became apparent that even though I found it fun, it was distracting… and distracting is not what you want. 

3 // Less is more. Do like Chanel and “Remove one piece before leaving the house.” It’s always good to reevaluate your outfit one last time before dashing out the door. Many times I have stopped myself and removed an extra bracelet or some kind of accessory that wasn’t really necessary. Don’t think of it as plain, think of it as polished!

4 // Smell sweet, not potent. Some will tell you not to wear perfume to work at all. I say it’s okay as long as you don’t douse yourself in the bottle and as long as no one has an allergy. Side note: I never wear perfume to an interview. It could really turn your interviewer off. But for the day to day I like to pick sweet, light scents that won’t overpower anyone’s nose. Rollerballs are great for this, as they don’t dispense too much product and you can place the scent where you like. 

5 // Buy basics in bulk. When I find work pants or patent pumps that I love (at a reasonable price) I buy in bulk! Especially in fall and winter. I’m not much of a dress & skirt girl, really ever, but especially not after the summer. So I really put my work pants through the ringer. When I find some I love I would buy three or four pairs. The same goes for work shoes! All I ever used to wear, when I worked in a corporate environment, were black and nude pumps. Every day, all day. Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are great for these buys! The nude shoes I’m wearing above are my all time favorite (and are linked)!

6 // Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This isn’t particularly winter related, but always good to keep in mind. Your job may not have a very strict dress code, but look around at what others are wearing in positions you want. Just because you can wear a t-shirt and jeans doesn’t mean you have to wear a t-shirt and jeans. Find ways to dress to impress! 

7// Incorporate your personality. Lastly, find fun ways to incorporate who you are into your attire. Appropriate doesn’t have to mean “entirely boring” right?! You could wear a burgundy lip, a black velvet heel, a patterned scarf, a detailed handbag…you get the idea. 

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous Monday! Don’t forget today is the last day for VIB Rouge First Access! You can shop my picks and favorites HERE

Thanks to Design History for collaborating on this post!

XO Amanda