I hope you had a safe and fun NYE. Luke and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and then had a cozy, relaxing night in. Is there anything better than dressing up, eating good food, and then heading home to relax?! It was a great way to ring in 2022 and I’m honestly excited for a fresh year to begin. My very orderly mind loves that the new year fell on a weekend so that Monday is the first of the week but also the first of the year (okay, technically the 3rd, but you get what I mean). Below you’ll find a reflection of my 2021 goals and what I hope to achieve in 2022!

By the way, my sequin dress is still in stock.



I have to start off by saying I cannot believe I set TEN goals for last year! I went back into last year’s post to copy and paste them into this one and was like what?! Clearly, it’s been a while since I’ve revisited these.

1. SAVE MONEY. I would say this first goal was a success, even with a large personal investment going towards starting Pretty Neutral. I was fortunate enough to purchase a new car, which was something I was saving for and hoping to buy in 2021. Fortunately, 2022 is my first year where I don’t have any anticipated large purchases, which will allow me to save more for the future!

2. START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Originally, I was looking into YouTube as a new way to grow and expand creatively, but I ended up realizing it’s not really something I want to do. At least not for now. I love watching, but I don’t necessarily love making videos. Kudos to everyone who does, it’s a lottt of work!

3. COMMIT TO MY NEWSLETTER. This might be the goal most completed! I ended up hiring a virtual assistant in 2021 and it’s been a game-changer. She’s been such an amazing asset and fully implemented newsletter game plans for both Pardon Muah and Pretty Neutral. It’s something I’ve needed to do for years and it feels so good to have a consistent action plan and to be building a newsletter tribe.

4. CREATE A CONSISTENT SCHEDULE. I definitely started 2021 with a better schedule and throughout the first half of the year felt good about balancing barre, work, and downtime, but that derailed once I started building the second business. Which is okay and to be expected. I’ll talk about this more in the 2022 goals.

5. UTILIZE TIKTOK. This goal ended up in line with YouTube for me. I love to watch, but it’s not my favorite platform to post on. I understand the value and will continue to evaluate using it more often, but I still love traditional blogging and posting.

6. SHARE MORE, BUY LESS. I would say I met this goal for the most part. It doesn’t really feel like I did because I ended up purchasing so much inventory for Pretty Neutral and to create that office space, but I definitely spent less on personal clothing and accessories. Continue reading to see how I plan to carry this over into 2022!

7. CONCENTRATE ON MY NICHE. Not sure I placed a heavy emphasis on this in 2021, but I do feel like I’ve started refining my personal style, which in turn helps guide the style and aesthetic of Pardon Muah.

8. MAKE MONTHLY STRATEGIC PLANS. I would say this was a goal I followed through with. I paid more attention to the analytical details and insights more in 2021 than I have previously. It’s really helped me to make more strategic decisions and content plans.

9. FOCUS ON HEALTH & WELLNESS. I was really proud of myself for going to barre three times a week the first part of the year. After my schedule got super busy, I just didn’t have the time so I can’t wait to get back to it in 2022. I feel like making healthy choices takes dedication and focus. Hopefully, with more balance this year, I’ll get back on the wellness wagon.

10FIX MY SLEEP ROUTINE. Hahaha this definitely was not achieved. If anything, it got worse.

2022 GOALS

I only have two 2022 goals this year. I thought about it for quite some time and wanted to really hone in on the areas I can realistically improve upon and will result in a positive impact. Both goals are long-term, overarching areas with several components. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


The past couple of years have been full of transition. And I don’t mean the obvious. Outside of the shift in the world over the last two years, I’ve personally experienced a lot of change. In 2013 I moved to Virginia, in 2016 I moved to California, in 2017 I moved back to Virginia, and in 2019 I bought and house and move home to Kentucky. During that time I worked full-time in healthcare, along with two-part time jobs, started Pardon Muah, and eventually, in 2018 transitioned to blogging full-time. Then in 2020, amidst everything happening in the world, I had two surgeries, nursed Heidi back to health, and started dating. And this year, out of a need for more creative expansion, decided to start an online boutique, Pretty Neutral! Needless to say, change has been prevalent, and as a result, balance has lacked.

To me, this will be my first fully settled year. And I can’t wait! As much as I love to be busy (and stay up late), I value and know the importance of downtime and balance. Many a time, I have created daily time blocked schedules, and many a time I’ve deviated or gotten distracted. I’m excited by the idea of getting in bed on time, waking up early for barre, finding time to go to the grocery store, and sticking to more reasonable office hours. Because the influencer industry never sleeps, it’s easy to forget we all need and deserve personal time. It’s so true that if you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t good for anyone else. And at some point, your level of productivity really does suffer.

I find that when trying to create balance, planning ahead is key, and that’s something I love to do. I always start the week with a fresh set of to-do’s that I then check off and update at the beginning and end of the day. It helps me to stay on task and to be more efficient with my time. I just ordered a new planner from The Collected Planner that is scheduled to arrive this week. I don’t know about you, but office and planning supplies make me so happy!

My overall game plan is to find time in the mornings 3-4 times a week to work out, to find time to decompress in the evenings, and to devote equal time to both Pardon Muah and Pretty Neutral each day. Obviously, every day is different, and some days won’t go as planned, but it will most definitely be more routine than 2021 :).


I had a similar goal in 2021 which was to share more and spend less (meaning I would share more of what I already had instead of constantly purchasing new things). This year’s is on the same page but slightly different. I’ve realized, through cleaning out my house (many times) before the new year, that, one, I accumulate way too much stuff throughout the year, and that two, my favorites are timeless and of good quality. That’s not to say those items all come with a high price tag.. many of my favorites are very affordable, but still, good quality and worth purchasing more than once. It can be really hard not to buy everything you see on the internet. I’m exposed to new products every day and many times feel like I need to constantly spend so that I have new items to share. Which is sometimes necessary, but it’s also possible to spend less by investing and sharing items that are classics/basics. There is also a feeling of authenticity that comes with using, wearing, and sharing the same things multiple times.

Once you start blogging, your buying mindset totally changes. What was once just a purchase, constantly becomes strategic.. Can I link it? Will it be in stock long? Do I have a reason to create content around it? Is it something my followers will also like? With that said, I’ve always taken pride in sharing what I genuinely love, regardless of price point. Pardon Muah is a true expression of who I am and the things I love. At this point in my blogging career, I would much prefer to invest in worthwhile pieces/products than spend a lot on a bunch of random things I don’t really need. Moving into 2022, I’m going to take more time to ask myself when buying, “Is it something I really need? Will I get my monies worth? Is it something I love? Will I use it or wear it more than just a couple times?” In the end, even if an individual piece costs more I’ll end up spending less overall by being more selective. I hope that makes sense!

Do you set resolutions and goals for the new year? I’d love to hear what they are in the comments below or on my corresponding post on IG. Wishing you and your families the most wonderful start to 2022!

XO Amanda

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